Progressive Mind Action

Changing People - Changing Lives

Austin Dunne - Chief Trainer and Founder of the Progressive Mind Action Group.
Training, guidance and coaching with direction and purpose is how Austin has been described by many of his clients and groups which have benefited from his unique style. He continues to assist many individuals both within companies and in their personal lives. Austin’s main goal is for clients to achieve greater success by providing coaching programmes that are both challenging and effective. Austin style of teaching is one of opening an individual’s eyes to their full potential, ensuring the client attains greater heights that they would have achieved alone.

He is totally committed to developing systems to ensure that all training and coaching programs are performed by PMA consultants to the highest standards. He holds Diploma in Sales and Marketing with the MII and is fully immersed in the life long study of the human condition, behaviour and garnering the peak performance from individuals. If asked, Austin would say “Helping and inspiring others to work outside their comfort zone” is what gets him up each and every morning.
As a facilitator of training programmes Austin style is fun, dynamic and interactive. Austin strongly believes that effective learning can only be obtained by ensuring that the training is conducted in a manner that is both easy to understand and enjoyable to participate in.
Each and every programme that has been designed by PMA is to meet the needs of the client whether they be a company or an individual striving to make a difference in their lives. Once the program has been completed, the organisation or individual will see a difference that can be measured against predetermined and agreed objectives that are based on their needs. Austin’s passion is to get positive results from all programmes. He has extensive experience in the area of sales, sales management, multi level marketing and training. Austin is an inspiration to those whom he had dealt with him in the past and will continue to have a lasting and positive effect in business and with individuals well into the future. Thank you for taking the time to read about Austin past, his present and indeed future.