Progressive Mind Action

Changing People - Changing Lives

I’d like to take you back if I could to the mid 1950’s I was a child growing up and I remember I was in a holiday camp and I was getting on a amusement ride called a merry go round. And I was sitting on one the horses beside my cousin who was also there with me waiting for it to start and something got into her mind and she started to cry and she got off the merry go round and something happened to me that day I not quite sure what it was but at that particular moment in time I had to follow suit and from that day onwards I had a fear of getting on things in amusement parks and eventually later on my girlfriend at the time who is now my wife used to laugh at the me about the things I was afraid to get on. That remained with me for a good 20 years so my perception of amusement parks for some reason was fear for some reason something bad was going to happen to me I don’t quite understand where it came from but it was there. So about 20 years later were on holidays in Blackpool and there is a huge amusement park in Blackpool, rollercoaster's of enormous height and really, really fast rides and such things. And I was there with my wife and her family and her sisters at the time were in the early teens and off course  they wanted to get on the rides in Blackpool and they needed an adult to get on them with them, so who is going to get on those rollercoaster's with the children well it wasn’t going to be my wife no chance of that happening, no real chance of her mother and father getting on the rides with the kids so I was volunteered apparentantly somebody  else volunteered me to get on those rides and I had too because if I didn’t the whole day for the kids was going to be a disaster and I could not let that happen of course I was shaking like a leaf but I had to put on a brave face but this was a major problem for me. Somewhere along the way in the week because I was on them so much I started to change my perception, as in my perception of these rides started to change and I suddenly realised the chances of my dying on one of these rides was slim and none and once I got thorough that fear I began too enjoy them believe it or not. So what I did during that week was all be it reglntly I faced my fear and my perception changed drastically .... now I’m in my mid 50’s and When I go on holidays when there are rollercoaster I look for the biggest fastest one I can find because I get a great buzz out of them, cause the absolutely fantastic !!!. So the perception changed and you know the fear we sometimes have can actually stop use from changing.