Progressive Mind Action

Changing People - Changing Lives



Every organisation and every individual within an organisation wants to be successful. The major key to success is soundly based on an understanding of an organisation/individual’s ability to communicate in an effective way. If you can’t communicate effectively with your customers, how are likely to get business on an ongoing basis?



  • Negotiations Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • The Power to influence
  • Personality and their differences i.e. DEMO system
  • Confidence (TBC for correct term)
  • The power of outcomes – i.e. don’t get side tracked - when your commutating with someone you want to know what the outcome will be, in order words you need to stay focused on what outcome you want to achieve
  • Identify passive aggressive and assertive communication styles – If you identify it you need to learn to adapt and connect



Typically, 2-3 days depending on needs of organisation