Progressive Mind Action

Changing People - Changing Lives

Do you have a work force filled with people eager to learn and develop? If the answer is yes, then you clearly have invested time and money selecting the right person for the job and you have also invested in suitable training programmes for them.
Research has shown that organisations who invest in training programmes for their staff perform better than organisations that don’t. Also, if you create the right working environment you stand a much better chance of retaining the people you have invested in.
Creating new customers and maintaining existing ones in our view is directly related to the level of motivation with in the workforce. Employees who are engaged in their jobs and develop their careers will want to know more about their company and industry and to learn skills that will improve their performance. 
•Review cutting-edge, best-practice motivation methods.
•Develop skills and get insights required to become an effective motivator.
•Critically evaluate your own motivational preferences and behaviours of your staff
•Build the skills to effectively manage and motivate others through one-to-one relationships.
•Develop the tools to motivate and lead groups and teams.
•“One Size will not fit All” We look at the different types of motivators that individuals have. 
•What does success look like? 
•We examine the Golden Rule that states “you look after your internal customers the way you expect them to look after your external customers”
This is a 2 day programme